it takes a lot of thought to appear glib


lane pryce you so fly

you know bout them expenses

you rock them double-breasted suit jackets

i bet you get synopses of first series doctor who episodes via telegram

miss kitty just breaks my heart

gurl you are a strong, independent woman cat

you are in a poisonous relationship and you deserve better

also you just sewed a tiny dress for this mouse in about four seconds, that is skill

ok, this scene

i have never figured out what is going on here

some kind of interspecies pedo thing?

we learn that the baddie has a heart?

something about the power of love music?

idk idk


even when i was a kid this was not some hilarious running joke to me

this was some next level my heart will go on shit

Always you wrestle inside me. Always you will.

the tree of life - man

Is there nothing which is deathless, nothing that does not pass away?

the tree of life - earth

That’s where God lives.

the tree of life - cosmos

RSC’s Hamlet - 2009