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There is something so sinister about George Osborne, I mean, he does have evil hair, doesn’t he? I’m just convinced that under his shirt he’s written the words ‘Sex Chancellor’ in lipstick across his chest.

Will Smith (not that one) on the News Quiz


Jeremy Hardy’s impression of Prof. Brian Cox


Things to spend money on: very, very soft toilet paper and pants from real shops. You can get pants out of a skip if you wash them, but don’t buy second-hand pants.

Jeremy Hardy’s tips for a happy life: Charmin and new underwear.

Jeremy Hardy explains Christmas


"Sandi and me sitting on Jeremy’s lap. He loves it."

stripesanddungarees-deactivated said: Bitches be jealous ;) ... I didn't get to meet them though sadly!

I know if I were ever to meet them I would be all

so, for me anyway, this is probably for the best.

Jeremy you have to stop, because I’m going to die.


Mostly hunting, not very good at gathering! I crush all the berries in my hands!


These things are really annoying. These things should be punishable by death.


Jeremy Hardy on Andy Murray’s 2012 US Open win, which is all I ever think about when Andy Murray does anything at all.